Well, my dad went bar hopping today, and yesterday, and the day before ---two years worth of days before. He passed out in front of tge bar. I was at the bookstore when this happened (I will post what I got in a little bit). I live in a small community between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio, everyone knows everything about everybody. The cops called thd bookstore looking for me. The girl working at the book store got on the loud speaker, "Jessica, your dad is at the bar passed out, they called the ambulance. They want you down there." In my head, I could picture myself choking him. I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide there until the next century. Well, I called the hospital where they took him, I know all of the nurses there through work, and told them to make sure they make his care as lengthy as possible. I am so mad at him. Why does he drink when he has copd, high blood pressure, on antianxiety meds, and has already had a heart attack in the past? He is so close to being oxygen dependent and will not quit smoking. He has a 13 year old daughter, grow up!