We have a mother in law suite above our garage. It is one large room and has a private entrance, kitchenette, and small full bath. Well, my girls are mad at me. I wouldn't let them go to a bonfire down the street last night that a friend of theirs invited them to. The parents are out of town and the 19 year old sister is in charge until tomorrow. Nope, not happening. My girls do not look their age. They both look much older. I have had to tell 20something year old men that they are 11 and 13. This morning I woke up to them moving into the suite...lol. They filled their little fridge with food from my fridge. They took the extra microwave, some of my grandma's old furniture from the basement. They have a t.v., laptops, and clothes. They have a fire ladder. There is a door to the suite right off the kitchen. I LOCKED IT! I am going to let them have a couple of days on their own, my hubby put a security camera up pointed at their exit. I gave them forty dollars and the key to the shed so they could get to the nicer bicycles in case they need something. I also tolsd them that this months rent is on the house, next month, it is a hundred bucks or they can work it off. Let's see how this goes for them when they have to ride the dork bus to school in the morning (apparently it is now not cool to ride the bus...huh?). Hahahahaha. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!