Terminal Consent (Stone and Blade Thrillers) (Volume 1) - S.W. Vaughn

Blurb on back of book:

Ozzy Stone was a highly decorated soldier. Roman Blade was an elite hacker. Two years after a shared stint in prison, this unlikely pair is reunited in the small town of Tomasburg, Virginia, where someone's playing pin-the-blaim on the ex-cons.


Now, Stone and Blade must work together to clear their names and stop a group of ruthless killers who grant wishes to the hopeless---and take their payments in blood.


My thoughts:

This is a mystery novel with a gritty feeling. You have ex-cons, an S&M club, and detailed descriptions of violence, abuse, and death. The characters are complex and stay true to character. There are no major plot holes and the grammar is fine.


This story starts out slow, but picks up speed after about a quarter of the way into it. The story is easy to understand. The plot is unique, I have never read anything similar to this.


I enjoyed this story, and the author had me guessing the outcome until the very end. Ozzy Stone is now one of my favorite book boyfriends. He is polite, tough, sure of himself, and wise. There were a couple of times that I had to reread a chapter to make sure I had read it right. I think some of the rereads were wishful thinking. This story toes the line between darkly descriptive and darkly disturbing style. 


This is not for everyone. If you enjoy mystery novels and mind a story that delves into riskier topics, you will enjoy this. I look forward to more Stone and Blade thrillers in the future.