The Rent

The girls paid half of their rent today, or tried to anyways. We came to an agreement.


The rules are in place. They can keep their little apartment, with the door open to the rest of the house. They are each in charge of their own laundry, to an extent. They cook dinner twice a week. They will not be attending any parties that are coed and not adult supervised. The money they were to give me for rent goes into an account to help pay for their first cars. Apparently that is part of the reason they were so mad. My husband picked up one of the newer VW bugs. It has a blown motor in it, but he has one that was wrecked with a motor with only 30000 miles on it. They were mad when I told them we were going to sell it after it was fixed. All they had to do was ask and we would have gladly kept it and let them slowly buy it from us. I have always told them I would pay match them dollar for dollar when it came time to buy a car. I didn't think at 13 they would have had their hearts set on one my husband picked up just to make maoney on. I do see their logic though. It is a cute car and they know if they buy it from us, the price will be at cost. We were going to this anyways, but the oldest id determined to get that car. My husband said that it was fine to hold on to the car as long as it is solid when he s finished. And that if she wants it that bad, she has to help him work on it too. He doesn't want to have to pay his employees to help fix it. I cant wait to see her out the with wrench in hand, 


Now the younger girl wants to fix uo a car with Dad too. It is really not a bad idea. My husband has cars come in for amazing prices all the time. We only paid $250 dollars for VW. After everything thing is fixed, we will have under $1200 in it and we will know it is safe because my husband will know everything about the car by the time he is done.


They also must maintain a 3.0 grade point average or this all goes out the window. I don't see that being a problem. Between the two of them, I have only seen 2 Bs come home on a report card. They both have 3.9 gpas.