Love Zombies of San Diego - E Z Graves, Graphicz X, Ellen a Bernabei


I saw this in the giveaway section here on Booklikes. It says this version is with cool horror music and videos. I have never read an ebook with music  and videos. I signed up for it. There are 100 copies up for grabs.


Love Zombies of San Diego


E Z Graves


isbn: 9781492863298


language: English


format: ebook


categories: Horror, Science-Fiction, YA


Finalist in the San Diego Book Awards, 2014, and in the Global eBook Awards, 2104, this novel by E. Z. Graves contains a lot of zombie killing. San Diego has become infested with a strange breed of "zombee," and the Love Zombies are out to make a name for themselves. Led by Josh, this gang of mutant humans--not quite homo sapien and not quite zombie--joins with some breather teens in La Jolla to fight the plague. This is the embellished version with cool horror music and videos.