I thought my license were suspended because I had not payed a parking ticket. This is not the case. I sold a car about 6 years ago. We did the whole notary and title sign off thing. The people who bought it never filed the change with the state. Apparently they got plates in my name. I think I have figured out how they did this. I lost a copy of my driver's license right before I sold the car. I think they found it in the car and just efile for renewals. I think I may have left my old license plates in the back of my hubby's truck and never realized they were missing. They got pulled over in 2014 and didn't have insurance. I now have a noncompliance charge on my record and have to carry an SR22 bond in order to legally drive. I am definitely going to appeal this, but for now I have to pay $150 reinstatement and $22 a month for the bond. I also have start over with a permit then take the driving test over. ERR! I am so irritated.