It has finally dawned on me how many books in the last year that I have read because my girls would go on the internet and sign me up for every contest they see. I have found some amazing books this way. Here is the thing though. I just read my email and back tracked to see how many books I have won because they enter me into a contest. They get this from me though. I make sure to look at the contests going on here on booklikes, goodread and librarything. I do sign up for some if it sounds like something I would read or any of my family would. The girls though, they sign me up for everything. The next up it about a woman who was kidnapped by an alien and then has a Stockholm type love obsession for her alien kidnapper. I am pretty sure I will be reading about a lot of human and alien coupling described in great detail. Our new bedtime story is Seaside by Wylde Scott (kids picked this too, and downloaded it from netgalley). And also Snow Globe by Jenna somethingorother, also downloaded by the kids. 


I am still reading a fun book first.