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When i started reading ebooks i decovered Al reader and i can download epub, mobi to it. I also discovered Adobe reading app for pdf file format. Since i have a new phone the font is large on some. Since i have google docs i save my ideas from my head to it and diary enteries as well. I have the kindle reading app and iheart radio app, 3m library app and romance app ebooks. On the romance ebooks app, they have alot of free ebooks and i recently discovered on the web and reading room and many more sites that have free e-books. Like obooko and biblolastic. I don't use library thing because they require a credit card.  Read cheaply and bookbub have good deals. After i read some ebooks i gonna read the paperbacks i won and go from there. I have everything plan out and can't wait to finish my reading challenge. Sorry for rambling but I'm excited! I'm pretty bummed that summer is over and fall is in gear. I can't wait for winter so i can bundle up in a blanket so i can sit outside and read. Pretty soon I'm getting rid of my old books and take them to goodwill since i have new books and i need the extra space in my closet. Because i have a built in bookshelf in my closet and i have s green book shelf that i need to repaint. I'm thinking black would do good. I hate dark green. I saw how dusty it is and i want to clean the bookshelf. When i see something dirty in the house or need to fix something i go into mother mode. It's frustrating how i clean it it gets dusty fast. I'm going to put a new bookshelf on my ever growing things to buy list. Lucky Wal-Mart has great deals on bookshelves and they have the tower one i want. Since my son is seven and in kindergarten I'm going clothes shopping since he outgrown his other ones. My baby is growing up to fast. I'm thinking of painting my apartment and hopefully it get it done before january. Can't wait.