Today has been interesting insane. An old friend of my hubby and mine showed for the first time in 2 years. He stopped by to thank us for helping his wife put him in in house drug rehab. To do this we had to actually involve his probation officer and he went in court ordered. It was ine of the hardest things I had ever had to do. It is a heart breaking thing to turn a friend in. He was going to kill himself if something wasn't done. He was here for about twenty minutes then left. An hour and half later he comes back screaming and throwing things. He was tweaking out on some sort of speed. He called the cops saying that he dropped his suboxone in my home and someone picked it ip. Suboxone is a medication that opiate addicts are put on to stop the withdrawal while you get counseling to try and solve the root problems that fueled your addiction. A lot of people call it a crutch, but I swear I wouldn't be sober now if they hadn't put me in it. Well anyways. He called the cops. I know what he was trying to do now. I talked to his EX wife. He was hoping I was still in the medication and was trying to get me to feel sorry for him losing his meds and give him some of mine. He had been out for 3 days and had just gotten paid. He went to her brother and bought bath salt. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is similar to Ritalin with some really bad side effects. It is difficult to test for. It is also called plant food, mdpv, alpha pv, and more. Remember the "zombie drug," that is it. 


He went as far as to call the cops. He freaked out on my best friend screaming that she stole it. He had done so much speed that he had convinced himself that he had lost his meds. I ended up with the cops here searching my house. I have tried my hardest to get as far away from that life as I can, but it always finds me. Hubby and I are considering a relocation to about an hour from where we are now. I would still travel the sam distance to work. At times I would even be closer. There is a trail system near where I am considering so hubby's business would probably do better.