Difficult People: Ultimate Dealing With Difficult People Guide! - Stop Relationship Abuse - Handle Passive Aggressive People, Negativity, Rage, Conflict, ... Decision Making, Overcome Fear) - Ryan Cooper

Genre: Bull Crap

Page Length: 50 (thank God it wasn't longer)

Price: Free (overpriced IMHO)


This is not good. Questions end in periods. There is no flow at all to the writing and paragraphs seemed to be formed with random sentences just thrown together. I gained no new knowledge from reading this and still have no idea how to handle people any better than I already did. I do think that I will recommend this book to the difficult people in my life as a form of punishment for being difficult. Yep, that is the only way this book will help you deal with difficult people. I gave it one star because at least it was only 50 some pages of bullshit and only stole about 45 minutes of my time.



Thank you House. I completely agree.