Scrap City by D.S. Thornton

Scrap City (Middle-Grade Novels) - D.S. Thornton

Description (Amazon):



Would you believe that under the ground, right beneath your city, was another city? Would you believe it was populated with Scrappers, people built of metal and glass and stone? Jerome has no choice but to believe it after he meets Arkie. Arkie is a Scrapper, and he and Jerome quickly become friends maybe even brothers. So when Arkie's city is in danger, Jerome knows he must help. But helping Arkie means hurting Jerome's dad, the only real family Jerome still has . . .


My Thoughts:


This is amazing. Arky the robot is sweet and kind. He is a robot made up of scrap parts. I am sure that my son dreams of finding his own Arky one day. All the robot characters in this story are unique and fascinating.


This story has a lot to offer as far as example goes. It is one of friendship, trust, overlooking differences, loyalty, strength, and acceptance. There are elements of adventure and problem solving. The robot city described in this is sure to entertain most children. 


I do want to warn that there are sad events mentioned in this book. One of the main characters, Jerome, lost his mother and younger brother. His struggles and emotions are a main part of this story. 


When I first started reading this to my son, I knew immediately that it will be a favorite. I also expect to reread this many times. He has already requested this story again after we finish the one we just started. He really liked drawing the places and robots described in this book. I don't often find a perfect story, but I did with this one.




This is fine for both girls and boys. This is great for middle grade readers, but would also make a fantastic book to read aloud to a group or singular child. This would be good as a bedtime story. My son often spent time "day dreaming" after story time. 


I recieved a copy of this through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.