Life with an Autistic Son - B's Dad

I stayed up way too late reading this. I was up until 3am and it is now 6:30 am and I am leaving for work in am hour. 


I wish this book was required reading for parents, staff, and honestly people in general. It gives a glimpse of what just a small portion of living with someone and caring for someone with not only autism, but other delelopemental disabilities can be like. A lot of behaviors and characteristics of autism are not unique to only that singular diagnosis. Not all individuals will be like the author's son "B." 


The author who wrote this has chosen to keep his and the people included in this book anonymous. I understand why he would do this. 




Read this. It is free on Amazon. A lot of understanding and compassion can gained. This may be a great book for parents just beginning their adventure with a child with needs such as autism. The main reason I like this is that it is told first hand and not full of terms that will overwhelm or confuse. This could help others realize that they are not alone in the struggles they are facing.