The Power & Intelligence of Karma & Reincarnation - Dharma

This is an inrteresting take on reincarnation and karma. I don't know much about Hinduism. The author says that it isn't really a religion, and the points he brings up are valid. His opinions on Christianity may offend some, I advise to take if you have a strong belief in Christianity and are easily upset when your beliefs are challenged.

I really enjoyed this. I often wonder what is in store for people after they have left this life. Sherman's ideas on this are another possibility. Did this book change my beliefs on anything? No, but it did make me more aware of certain ideals.

A friend of mine just started reading my copy. He is probably more qualified to write a review on this book from a religious standpoint. I will link to his review once he has posted it. 




Let me start with my personal opinion, an opinion shared by millions of Hindus, Gandhiji is one of them. Caste is an abomination, a black mark againsT Hinduism, and I wish it would be gone! Racism, to me, is like caste. Many would rather have it gone, live in a racist-free world. But, just like caste, racism has defied manybattempts to kill and eliminate it. Or take sexism: Most religions regulate women to a second-hand status; but somehow this misogyny of religion is tolerated.


I compare Caste to the Pedophile issue in Catholicism today or Terrorism in the Islamic religion. Does Catholicism encourage Pedophileia? Of course not! Does Islam tell it's followers to go kill innocents? Of course not! But the underlying conditions within these religions and the society today have proven fertile ground for such evils to take root. Caste also took root in ancient Indian Hindu Society.

I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway.