Bye-bye it is...

Different (Tainted Elements Book 1) - Alycia Linwood

I got to my feet and found a silver bracelet on my nightstand. Slipping the bracelet on my wrist, I faced my dad. The tension left his shoulders as soon as the bracelet was in place. My dad was a magic disease carrier which meant that he could feel my, or any other healthy elemental’s, element unless the said elemental wore an element-blocking bracelet. Feeling other people’s elements wasn’t the only symptom of magic disease, though. Magic disease carriers craved elements so much that they could turn into mindless killers who stole elements from people’s dying bodies. Luckily for my mom and me, my dad was in good control of his disease.


This is not hhorrible, but I don't think I will ever read it. A younger reader would probably enjoy what I read of this story (two and a half chapters). I don't like the way way the world building and character developement is just dumped all t once. It sort of reins me of an instructional manual. Or maybe a textbook.