Need some help...

I have been given the assignment of book gifts this year. We have thirteen clients who love to read. One of the clients has a big wish list. I L ready have an idea for that one. His wish is middle grade novels signed by the author. His dad is a big book collector. Just so happens that I happen to have  couple that will fit the criteria. Three of clients' wish list I am at a loss on what to buy. All purchases have to be "clean," meaning not filled with sex or blood. 


Client One:


Graphic novels, middle grade novels with illustrations, books with maps. He likes Sci fi and adventure, the illustrated Harry Potter. Previous likes: His favorite is The Hobbit graphic novel. He really liked the first four issues that I have of Lost Boy (his parents are already looking into this series as a Santa gift), the Potter books, and Riordan's books (I have already secured (guilted...hehe) a signed copy of the newest novel for free. I have $60 to 70 budget.


Client two:


She loves the Fairy books by Lang. She has the Potter books, and is getting the hardcover illustrated for Christmas from her sister. She likes fantasy novels featuring female lead characters, and characters or animals that can fly (dragons, angels, fairies, pixies, etc), and mermaids. She didn't like Riordan's books. $50 budget


Client three:


Bowling, sports, very clean middle grade novels with a romance theme (kissing, holding hands ok). Favorite movie is The Sandlot. She likes graphic novels geared towards tween girls. $50 budget.