Hunger Untamed by Dee Carney

Hunger Untamed (Vampire Hunger) - Dee Carney

Scheduled Release Date: March 7, 2016


The beginning of this book was grest. The middle was a little flat. Then it got good again. 


The plot,isn't anything new. You have a sick, dying woman who is the cream of the crop to vampires being a blood slave. Too make her blood even more delectable, she has been infused with "spice," a vampire drug that is supposed to have no effect on humans. She is out to avenge the death of her twin sister. She is gorgious, fiesty, and out to get revenge for the death of her twin sister. She seeks out a vampire assassin with a reputation for being the best of the best.


The Vampire lead character is used to a life of booze and paid killing. Vampires are jnown for their perfect appearences, but not him. Half of his face is paralized causing it to sag. He refuses to work with humans, until a pretty blood slave walks into his life. He is attracted to her and slowly lowers the barriers he has had in place for years when this human begins to look past his appearance. All is well until her blood makes him have episodes of uncontrollable blood lust. These episodes have a "unique" trigger and makes things difficult. On top of all that he has to constantly watch his back due to a mmisunderstanding with a lycan pack hell bent on finding and eliminating the person/people responsible for slaughtering young members of their species. 


Sound familiar? It does to me. 


There were a few things that bugged me about this book. I loved the characters, but sometimes it felt like they made choices or their actions didn't quite seem to be how their character would react. I also wish that there was more action, not sex action, but fighting scenes and the like.


The sex scenes are HOT! It's a panty soaker for sure!


I did REALLY like that one of the main characters were just plain gorgious. It made the story all tht more enjoyable. The way the two characters interacted was nice too. They are really y nice pairing.


I will be sure to check out more by this author in the future.


I recieved a prerelease copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.