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The Dementia Diaries: A Novel in Cartoons - Social Innovation Lab Kent, Matthew Snyman, Angela Rippon


I love the idea of this being written from the point of view of teenagers and children. I can only imagine how scary and life altering it would be to deal with living with a loved one with dementia. Hopefully this book will reach the hands of other's going through similar situations and help them to get through what they are experiencing.


Dementia sucks! I am dealing with a lot of it with my clients at work. The company was formed by a group of families with children with developmental disabilities. They didn't want their kids to be in an institution, which was really the only option during that time period. This group of children are now older. We have quite a few clients with Downs Syndrome. People with Downs almost always get dementia when they get older. 


We are also seeing a trend, I don't know if this is just in our agency, or if it is also true for other settings, where younger clients are also suffering from Dementia like symptoms.