The names have been changed to... lol

Wolf's Ascension (Cherchez Wolf Pack) - Lauren Dane

Something I forgot to say: I hate it when an author calls female genitalia "cunt" during what is supposed to be sexy times. It is a nasty word! Even pussy is better than that.


We have a girl who is human but has ancestors who have successfully been able to be turned into a werewolf who is capable of producing offspring, not very common. For some reason the werewolf population has a shortage of born werewolves. Yep, that story again. Anyways, the alpha of a pack (not near my kindle and forgot the name) has recognized said girl as mate. He has a weaker, less controlled wolf protecting her but has given the order that he doesn't want her "changed" yet. Well weak wolfie loses control of his beast, what a surprise, and he attacks alphas mate while still human and she is now infected with the werewolf virus (or whatever it is called). He than basically has her held against her will, but it's for her own good because the full moon is in a few nights. And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


I figured I would give this a shot. There are only a few authors who can still entertain me with a shifter/were stiryline. I used to read a lot of Lauren Dane, but her books got to the point where they felt like I was reading the same book over and over. Ugh...


That being said. This is full of cheesy romance and make me gag dialogue. The alpha wasn't very alpha, but I did like the girl... sort of. Well, I didn't want to rip her face off anyways. I skipped the f*ck scenes so I can't comment. 


People new to this author will probably enjoy this. Die hard Dane fans will like this. If you want a new storyljne, avoid this!


Ebook via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.