Not much reading getting done here...

Dear Friends,


Sorry I haven't been on here too much. I miss you all, and miss book chats with people who actually share my interests! 


I ended up with food poisoning about three days ago. I heaved so hard that I pulled a few stomach muscles and broke a blood vessel in my eye. My vision is getting better, but I still have a foggy spot. I can read on my kindle without too much trouble for short periods of time, or if I cover my left eye. Driving is near impossible because my right eye is my weak eye (my husband laughs at me when I get tired or tipsy because it constantly dances around my eye socket, lol). Work is very trying because a large portion of my days are spent with my face buried in MARS or TARS (med books), or answering emails to parents, guardians, and work services. 


Something good to report too. The new girl they hired at work is a reader too. She reads almost as much as I do, and similar genres. She loves history, paranormal, and fantasy like me. Also mystery which I like, but don't read too often. I get to work with her twice a week. Yay!




Foggy and Frustrated