The Basilisk's Creed, Volume One (The Basilisk's Creed #1) - Eme Strife

This is a short, just under 100 pages. This is new adult, so expect a little steam. Also, it's a CLIFFHANGER with two more books following to make this a trilogy. The writing is decent, but I think this may have been more effective if the whole trilogy were put into one book making it a regular length novel. These are priced at $2.99 each (at the time of his review). $8.97 for a little over 300 pages is not competively priced to comparable books. Lower the price and I will read the next installment. I can get books in the paranormal genre by big name authors for cheaper than this.


This was okay. To be honest, I almost gave up when trying to struggle the first couple pages or so. The beginning was confusing. The rest was a bit better, but about the time it really got interesting, it was over. This author has much potential as a writer, but the length and pacing really ruined this for me.


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