Vulgar language

At the library yesterday I saw the most adorable little girl. She was about six years old. I thought of how my girls were  at that age and seriously wished I could have another child (which I now think was crazy as well now that I had the day I did yesterday with my Satan incrnates precious children). Then the child opened her mouth, "What the fuck?" Huh? The mother didn't say a word to the child. Some of her vocabulary later included pussy, poss, and damn. The librarian had all she could tolerate and politely asked the mother to either control her child's words, or to please come back when it is less crowded. The mother's response was, " They are only words and I prefer her to be herself rather than to wear rose colored glasses." In the mother's hands were a stack full of Mad magazines and some highly sexually graphic books. The six year old had some satire type books meant for adults. She was reading them at the age six. I was shocked not only because of the content, but also the reading level. Even the way this child talked, besides or possible including the unfairness was much higher of a vocabulary level that I would ever expect a child that age to successfully read, let alone comprehend. The mother, through actions, I was pretty sure was of less than average intelligence. I think this little girl was scary intelligent. My Thoughts are that with the level of intelligence in the parenting, that this child will never reach her best. Will she fall victim to her surroundings? I know she is already a problem in school, and so is her siblings. I know the family, I don't think a single one of them has ever graduated high school, or held meaningful employment, and it is a big family. The mother had upwards of ten siblings and more than that in aunts and uncles.


I got to thinking. Are vulgar words really that bad? Or is it just society. My child would be getting so much punishment, and while I may not do so, I would consider dial soap as a dinner option.