Wonder Struck

Wonderstruck - Brian Selznick

There is  such a good book. There are two stories going on at once; One is written through pictures, the other through words. It bounces between the two. 


In one story, the one conveyed through words, we have a boy trying to figure out where he belongs after the death of his mother. In the beginning of the story he is deaf in one ear, after an accident he loses all of his hearing. One night while going through his mother's belongings he finds a clue to the identity of his father. He follows this clue to New York.


In the picture story we have an ealier time setting than the other story. We have a deaf girl unhappy with her life. She spends all of her time locked away in her father's house. Her family feels it is too dangerous for her to verture out into the world. She sneaks away to the city, New York. 


This is over 600 pages, but it does not take a very long time to read. Well over half of the book is comprised of page sized illustrations. I fell in love with the way this story was put together. I have never seen another book like this. I would so read more books put together in the same fashion.