The last couple of days heave been hell. I have went three days having to pay for my meds or go without because my insurance hit me with a preauth way sooner then they should have. Without insurance this prescription costs $125 a week. I broke down and paid cash for one days dose yesterday, it's hard to go without considering it is the withdraw film. Now, my insurance has approved an alternate brand, which is fine, but the doctors office called in wrong. Now have tomhunt down the urse from the office, she is a friend of mine, and have her fix this because the office has closed for the day. Ugh...


on on top of all this my internet has been not good. This morning I woke up using one provider, got pissed at the bitchy associate over the phone, called another company... It's already hooked up because they had a big wiring job next door that they couldn't complete due to inection process. I am now paying $35 instead of $60 for better service. spunds like a good thing, but dealing with all that while sick, not good. 


A good note:


it's national no underwear day, yay! I am so putting on a dress and not sitting like a lady in public. Random flashing may make me feel better.