So, we got boys... again. Yep. The boys two streets over who are homeschooled found my girls. They stalk my neighborhood. My girls are very developed for their age... both the 14 and 12 year old look at least three years older than they are. I get looks from people when

I tell them the 12 year old still qualifies for kids rates at places that offer reduced rates for kids. Now my girls are being peacocks. They are on the front porch sunning themselves on a cloudy day while wearing their best, and most noncovering clothes. HAHAHAHA... SHIT! I feel old. Too old. I should go cloudy day sun myself too. How pissed would they be if I popped up on the porch in a bikini. I am proud to admit that I look pretty good after having given birth to two kids. The hubby is contemplating cleaning his knife collection and also his crossbow on the screened in porch.