I am loving the new job. I had no idea that I would be "teaching" classes. I am in a room called academics on certain days. I am teaching them about money, grocery stores, rent, how to stay smelling good all day long (I really need to work on them with this), how to schedule doctors appointments, and so much more. I love this. What I notice though is that our materials we have to work with aren't numerous. We have nothing. We have no computers, no books, no anything. What we do have is board games, art supplies, etc. Think works for the other day programming site, not the one I work at. We need accounting books, actually we need a library, but there aren't any funds... they hired the perfect person for this. The library I helped add to the community center cost a whole $200 for shelving, the rest I figured out how to come up with. It was all through donations, library sales, etc.