The Sexual Compass

The Sexual Compass - Michael Reed

In this book we have two narrators. They are both unhappy with their social lives, especially with the love/sex part. There has been a scientific breakthrough that has proven that insulin can change a persons sexual orientation, it is called "mouse" because the study was confirmed with lab mice. The first narrator we meet is not named, I think. She is a young, single mother who has not much of a social life. This is to be expected after she had a child while they were off going to college, getting jobs, etc. The father of her child is useless, the first part of her story is about her relationship with him and where it went wrong. The second narrator is a thirty year old virgin named John. John is one of those guys who doesn't have any self confidence and hides behind jokes, excuses, etc. He feels women are just not attracted to him due to his outward appearance; too fat, too plain, too nice. He thinks women secretly just want a bad boy. He decides to experiment with mouse to see if he has more luck with men than with women.

This is well written. I did have to backtrack a few times to figure out who was telling the story, but other than that the story flowed nicely and really kept my attention. I feel the length of this book is perfect for the story, 136 pages.

This book brought a lot of questions to mind. Would people, not only homosexual, change their sexual preference if they could? Is it possible to control this in a medical way? How would the public react to a scientific find such as "mouse?" And so much more.