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I read books from a mix of genres. My favorites are dark fantasy, paranormal anything, Sci fi, horror, and fantasy. I have a thing for reading encyclopedias, I know it's sort of weird. When I find something interesting (meaning really gross, funny, unbelievable) I post about it. I have 3 kids; Myles 6, Kenzie 11,  & Jill 13 (really my youngest sister who one day just moved in with me). I have been married to my husband, Bub, for 11 years, but we have been together for 16 years. Wow, I just realize we have been together half of my life. I am 32. I am an LPN at an MRDD community. The community has a small library where I volunteer about 8 hours a week.

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A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter
This was a good read far surpassed my expectations. I like how Hunter created her vampires. Not entirely unique but very well thought out and their history is nicely added to ...
A Hidden Fire - Elizabeth   Hunter
I'm going away on Thursday to a music festival and I'm a little bit anxious about it (to say the least!), so I'm reading ligh...
"Study your wife closely, for the next four-and-twenty hours. If your good lady doesn’t exhibit something in the shape of a c...
*Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences and may contain possible triggers with sexual abuse.* “Some relationsh...
The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story is not my normal cuppa, but came to me highly recommended. I'm glad that I res...
Title: They Danced On (The Darlings #3) Author: Carrie Armstrong Gardner Pages: 400 Year: 2016 Publisher: Tyndale My rat...
These days we know from ranting, gibbering, racist, sexist, nasty-ass old men horrifying their friends and relations with poi...
Though a small town at heart, Lawrenceton, Georgia, has its dark side-and crime buffs. One of whom is librarian Aurora "Roe" ...
Shakespeare’s plays weren’t meant to be read. They were meant…to be played.What if Romeo never met Juliet? What if Juliet got...
Harold Gaynor offers Anita Blake a million dollars to raise a 300-year-old zombie. Knowing it means a human sacrifice will be...
When her sister is murdered, leaving a single clue to her death—a cryptic message on MacKayla Lane’s cell phone–Mac journeys ...
Benjamin has had enough of this cruel, cruel world. Blind and battered and suffering from PTSD after returning from service i...

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This Same Earth by Elizabeth Hunter
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