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I read books from a mix of genres. My favorites are dark fantasy, paranormal anything, Sci fi, horror, and fantasy. I have a thing for reading encyclopedias, I know it's sort of weird. When I find something interesting (meaning really gross, funny, unbelievable) I post about it. I have 3 kids; Myles 6, Kenzie 11,  & Jill 13 (really my youngest sister who one day just moved in with me). I have been married to my husband, Bub, for 11 years, but we have been together for 16 years. Wow, I just realize we have been together half of my life. I am 32. I am an LPN at an MRDD community. The community has a small library where I volunteer about 8 hours a week.

Elizabeth Hunter
Gail Z. Martin
Mark Onspaugh
Naomi Novik
Danielle Monsch
Ben S. Dobson
Anne Bishop
Becca Mills
Mabel Louise Robinson
Many of you already know Mark A. Rayner aka Dilettante (you can follow Mark's blog on BookLikes here). Now it's time to know ...
I like posting these and then comparing wrap-ups to TBRs at the end of the month. For me, most of the time they are very diff...
I see three challenges for any Christmas book: Find an original angle that's grounded in something real but allows reality t...
Warning: There will be spoilers for book 1 in the series This book takes place 3 months after the previous book ended. Fo...
After having finished “Six of Crows”, I would encourage anyone to consider the potential for SF to help us all drop our lazy ...
I am so happy to be sharing Jane Blythe’s new novel, Christmas Hostage, just in time for the holidays. Jane not only, write...
Despite weird punctuation (what are all those dashes supposed to indicate?) and obvious period details this book feels remark...
A young woman walks into her brother's apartment, stabs him in the chest with a pair of shears, and jumps off the balcony. It...
Well, this book may have just steered me away from my lofty dreams of winning the lottery, buying an old haunted Victorian, c...
Title: Thunder in the Morning Calm (Pacific Rim Series #1) Author: Don Brown Pages: 330 Year: 2011 Publisher: Zondervan ...
When I was in college, I started reading the Redwall novels by Brain Jacques. I know that I was reading below my reading lev...
Near the end of World War II, thirty-six conscientious objectors volunteered to be systematically starved for renowned scient...
Tristan Holt is nothing if not pragmatic. Despite a flourishing career as a defenseman for the Atlanta Venom, Tristan knows h...
I won these signed paperbacks and it was a very pleasant surprise reading them. Goodreads / Amazon US / Amazon UK /...

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