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I read books from a mix of genres. My favorites are dark fantasy, paranormal anything, Sci fi, horror, and fantasy. I have a thing for reading encyclopedias, I know it's sort of weird. When I find something interesting (meaning really gross, funny, unbelievable) I lost about it. I have an amazing family.

Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 432 pages.

Blood Fury - J.R. Ward

Not much going on except sex so far. I like romance novels, but it has to have more story too, like fighting and magic. Come on, Ward, don’t let me down.

Finally, I have a device working. Laptop needs new cord after unfortunate incident with vacuum, phone just got old and quit, the tablet has been lost, and the desktop is continuously being used for school work. As much as I hate apple, my new iPhone is pretty easy to use for typing up posts for book likes. Impressed, but I miss android.

Reading progress update: I've read 221 out of 402 pages.

Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson

Also, I hate this cover. With so many peeps so in love with A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) series by Maas, this is similar in ways, they need a new cover and I feel a lot of ACOTAR fans would pick this up if it was more eye appealing. It definitely is helping me through my ACOTAR book hangover.

Reading progress update: I've read 220 out of 402 pages.

Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson




Just stick it out. The action will come soon. Once all this political world building is done and you finally remember who is who and who hated who this has the potential be everything you love in a sappy romance fantasy novel. Slap a smile on your face and grin and bear it. (Every time I use the words grin and bear it...I think grin and bare it instead. Lol I think of sitting naked and smiling while I complete a dreaded task.) 


I know the action picks up soon,  I snuck a peak at the next book in series, hopefully the magic and fantasy elements become more prevalent soon, I am bored. Shit needs to happen soon, like now! I am so impatient. 

Released today!

Blood Fury - J.R. Ward


So excited! Warden, you better not let me down. I seriously thought about not continuing with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, then the Warden released this spin-off series, it is all I like about the earlier BDB books, just new charactwrs added to the mix, and we do get frequent visits from the original bros. Hopefully this is just as good as the previous two books. For those who gave up on the original series, but miss the world these are in, give this spin-off series a shot.

Good News!

I DON'T HAVE CANCER!!! Got the news yesterday. So happy, still surgery to get it out, but no ovarian cancer. Phew... I was scared. So relieved. 

...and books! Good ones.

Need to find new read...

Something like A Court of Thorns and Roses that will take me far away from real life, nothing that could happen in real life. I need the happy parts and need the romance mushy shit too. Any ideas?


I really miss being here more often

I miss being a to spend more of my time chatting with all you here at Booklikes. So much has happened lately. My husband is preparing for surgery. A pretty invasive one, a mass has popped up near his spine. It is deep, and growing rapidly. Not cancer, but if it gains more mass it will start to press on his spine. My health is not wonderful either. The doctor found a large tumor on my ovary. Waiting for the verdict on whether it is cancer or not. More testing tomorrow and the 28th. I am in pain, the mass is basically compressing the ovary and blocking my bowels, and puzshing on my bladder. They offered me opiate painkillers, for a minute my inner drug addict belted I wanna swing from the chandeliers... in my head. My mouth and reasonably thinking part of me politely declined. If the pain intensifies I think I may have to consider my options though, responsibly I hope. I know that most likely, based on the testing already done, it will be surgical. Fingers crossed. So much more has happened in the last month, hubby's grandma passed, my kid had dental surgery twice, I am tired.


I miss my books, and my book friends. I know I won't have time now or in the immediate future to devote more time to here, but someday I will be back full force and reviewing the hell out of all the books I will be reading. Though I don't always have time to LIKE all posts or comment a lot, I do pop on to see what you are all reading and thinking. 



Free today

Interest - Kevin Gaughen

Free on Amazon


Read this about a year ago. Enjoyed it.


Fliers: 20 Small Posters with Big Thoughts - Nathaniel Russell

I enjoyed this. The idea behind it is a good one. Each addition is not what it initially seems at first glance, hidden alternative messages aol with multiple tranlations and interpretations. 

I do feel here needed to be more content. Maybe a small description of each flyer ncluded giving the .eaning the author wished to convey. I do give props for the creativity, and I feel there are those out there who would get a lot more out of this then I.




NATHANIEL RUSSELL was born and raised in Indiana. After college, Russell spent several years in the San Francisco Bay Area making posters, record covers, and woodcuts. He returned to his home city of Indianapolis and now spends his time creating drawings, fake fliers, bad sculptures, wood shapes, and music.





Review copy provided by Blogging for Books.


My New Favorite Series

A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas

This is the perfect end to this trilogy. I absolutely loved the adventure. This author is lengthy in her descriptions, but manages make you want absorb each and every word. Loved the characters, especially watching Feyre grow into an amazing woman. In the beginning of this series she was a great young lady, but life had really broke her. I hated when Tamlin was a bad guy, but he redeemed himself a bit by the end of this.


Now to figure out what to read next.

Reading progress update: I've read 620 out of 648 pages.

A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas

Oh... I have a feeling this book is gonna make me cry soon. I don't know if they will happy tears, or the kind where a hole is left somewhere inside my heart. I started this series thinking I was not even going to like it. I think it is my most favorite ever.

Adult Coloring Book

New York Street Style: A Coloring Book - Zoe de las Cases



Adult coloring gets a makeover with charming, fashion-forward illustrations from the city that never sleeps. 
Wherever you're off to, take New York Street Style with you. Transport yourself to bustling New York, and give life to the city. Beautifully detailed outfits, accessories, and hairstyles complement iconic skylines and intricate street scenes. Embellish whimsical, full-page patterns with your own touch and window shop the elegant stores of New York while you make your way through an iconic city. 
This sleek, high-end package has an elastic closure and a satin ribbon marker so you can dip in and dip out of your own New York fashion week. With nothing more than some colored pencils, you'll be on your way to a perfect New York day.


My Thoughts:


I like coloring books for big people, but I usually go for the geometric designs, or ones that are a coloring adventure based on my favorite books. My girls like this. The minute it came in the house they were bickering over who got to claim it. It is a very nicely made book: bright white paper, elastic band to keep it closed, thicker cover, and uniquely sized. My main complaint is I feel there isn't enough content on each page. My girls solved this by adding their own backrounds and patterns. Definitely made them become more creative. My Thoughts are that I feel teen girls will enjoy this more than adults.


Amazon US


Review copy received from Blogging for Books.


A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas

I loved Tamlin in the first book, but I also loved Rhys. This series really makes me rethink my need for sleep. I have to be at work by 6 a.m. tomorrow, I don't need to sleep for a 14 hour shift, nope, not at all. On to book 3. Then I will switch to the audio book and run the sound through my blutooth headset so no one knows I am listening to anything, just waiting on a phone call. It'll work!


I can't believe I thought this series was for young adults.

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