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I read books from a mix of genres. My favorites are dark fantasy, paranormal anything, Sci fi, horror, and fantasy. I have a thing for reading encyclopedias, I know it's sort of weird. When I find something interesting (meaning really gross, funny, unbelievable) I lost about it. I have an amazing family.

Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston

Hot and Badgered - Shelly Laurenston

Laurenston is one of my favorite authors. Whenever I am in need of a book that is guaranteed to slap a smile on my face I usually grab something written by her. Is this book a literary masterpiece? No, but it’s damn funny, full of interesting characters, and there is just enough paranormal to keep me interested.


This is a spin-off to the author’s Pride series. If you haven’t read those, please start there. 


Where Laurenston shines is how she writes her characters. They are ALL flawed. They have panic disorders, mommy/daddy issues, crazy families, etc., and they all are shifters. There animal side is very much a part of who they are. These aren’t characters that can turn into animals. If they are a bear shifter, they are also bearlike in human form: curious, love honey, don’t play well with other breeds. The honey badgers are scrappy, tend to want to take things that aren’t theirs, and they also love honey. The focus couple in this are a grizzly bear shifter and a honey badger/wolf hybrid. They are good together. The bear is very patient and is exactly what the hybrid needs considering her crazy family. Her two sisters are a big part of this book because her whole life has been focused on keeping them safe, mostly from their asshat of a father.


A lot of this story is set up for future stories. Normally have a hard time getting through a book like this, but not this one. Laurenston’s characters are so cool I enjoyed being introduced to each one of them, and there are quite a few. 


While led this is a romance book, there wasn’t a lot of focus on the couple. I was okay with that, but I do feel like I would have liked to see them interact more. More times where he was a hero for her, he did, but I wanted more of him crushing bad guys with his bear strength.


Really recommend this book, actually all books written by this author.


Digital ARC provided by Netgalley. Publication date: March 27, 2018

Reading progress update: I've read 91%.

Hot and Badgered - Shelly Laurenston

I love these characters. While this is a spin-off to Laurenston’s Pride series books, there are a lot of new characters being introduced, lots of weasels, badgers and bears... on my! I can’t help but wish that there was more focus on the main guy in the story. I think he is awesome, but feel like I barely know him. Now the MacKilligan sisters are awesome, love those freaks, and I love Britta too! Can’t wait to read some of the new characters stories when they come out. This is seriously making me want to reread the original series. You get hockey, roller derby, and more with a heaping dose of crazy shifters who have major self control issues.

Reading progress update: I've read 45%.

Hot and Badgered - Shelly Laurenston

Not much romance so far, but loving these crazy, freakish, halfbreed bitches so much! Go freakish honey badgers! The one, man is she awesome in shifted form!

Reading progress update: I've read 4%.

Hot and Badgered - Shelly Laurenston

I was getting so upset because I didn’t think Netgalley was going to approve my request for this, I absolutely did not want to wait for the publish date of March 27, too long. Checked last night and it was there. Woo Hoo! And perfect timing, I really need a distraction right now!


Not very far along in the book, but man I forgot how funny Laurenston was. Already giggling and love the flawed characters so much! Anyone hasn’t read this author’s work and likes shifter romance, or humorous romance needs to pick this up. Actually start at the beginning of the Pride series. Her Magnus Pack is also in the same world, but in my opinion the Pride series are better and I used the Magnus Pack as kind of space fillers between her releasing her Call of Crows books and her Pride books.


So far we got a tough shifter female searching for her sister while hired assassins are coming after her.

The Sky is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith

The Sky is Yours - Chandler Klang Smith

This book fits into so many genres: dystopia, fantasy, science fiction, and I could add more. This is definitely found this interesting and there was a lot going on. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something different then the normal. This is definitely intended for adults.


In this we a have a city that is clnstantly being terrorized by two dragons. The dragons have been targeting this city for a very long time. Some people have fled, others have chose to stick it out. In this world the wealthy are “safe” in their fancy homes in the outskirts of the city. In the city it is constant chaos not only because of the dragons, but also gangs.


I dislike all three of the main characters, but i think it is supposed to be this way.


There is so much in this book I seriously wonder why it wasn’t a series instead of a single installment.




Chandler Klang Smith is a graduate of Bennington College and the MFA Creative Writing Program at Columbia University. Her new novel THE SKY IS YOURS is now available from Hogarth/Crown. She lives in New York City.


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Shocked and oh nooo’d

Popped on Facebook before laying down tonight. See a mouth dropping post... my hubbys bff who has been really screwing up his life lately is in a video posted by the police with a caption “help us identify these two people.” I am betting it is over theft, his new drugged out gal is a known thief. They just had baby together and because of her history children’s services was barely letting them keep it. Whoa did they just screw up. 

Land of the Beautiful Dead

Beautiful Dead - R. Lee Smith

I don’t even know how to rate this. This author can write beautifully, but there isn’t enough balance to action, romance, dialogue, everything. Way too much dialogue. And every bit of it seemed to be a some sort of witty debate. 


There were characters who were written to be hated, and hate them I did. I also saw another side to them though that made me almost feel for them and understand why they were the way they were. 


This is is way too long. When I saw the page count I was expecting some major world building, a lot of plot, but no. There was only a girl who was messed up by the death of her mother who felt she needed to set out and save the world to right that wrong, she seemed to think she was a hero though.  In the beginning I thought this would be a evil vs good, in way it was, but it was more about blending the two and seeing good and evil in all. 


So so I would call this monster romance, but not the banging Bigfoot kind.


i feel I should add that this is very disturbing. I almost hate this book, but I don’t. I don’t know what I think of this. I enjoyed hating almost everything about it?!


Does anyone know of a fantasy read, I think this book is over 10 years old, at least, where mind control is used by the “ bad guys” of the book the to force someone to eat themselves? I saw someone mention a book they were looking for the title to where this happens in the book on goodreads the other day. It sounds like something my hubby would like to read is why I ask.

Reading progress update: I've read 30 out of 448 pages.

Sea of Rust - C. Robert Cargill

So far I really like this. About what happens after robots defeat humans and how they survive. Starts by following a bot who is scavenging parts from broke bots to trade. No girl or boy label but I think this bot seems more girl.

Reading progress update: I've read 40 out of 453 pages.

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins

This girl seems very naive. To the point of her annoying me. I hate when characters ignore the obvious in an attempt to seem innocent.

Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 432 pages.

Blood Fury - J.R. Ward

Not much going on except sex so far. I like romance novels, but it has to have more story too, like fighting and magic. Come on, Ward, don’t let me down.

Finally, I have a device working. Laptop needs new cord after unfortunate incident with vacuum, phone just got old and quit, the tablet has been lost, and the desktop is continuously being used for school work. As much as I hate apple, my new iPhone is pretty easy to use for typing up posts for book likes. Impressed, but I miss android.

Reading progress update: I've read 221 out of 402 pages.

Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson

Also, I hate this cover. With so many peeps so in love with A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) series by Maas, this is similar in ways, they need a new cover and I feel a lot of ACOTAR fans would pick this up if it was more eye appealing. It definitely is helping me through my ACOTAR book hangover.

Reading progress update: I've read 220 out of 402 pages.

Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson




Just stick it out. The action will come soon. Once all this political world building is done and you finally remember who is who and who hated who this has the potential be everything you love in a sappy romance fantasy novel. Slap a smile on your face and grin and bear it. (Every time I use the words grin and bear it...I think grin and bare it instead. Lol I think of sitting naked and smiling while I complete a dreaded task.) 


I know the action picks up soon,  I snuck a peak at the next book in series, hopefully the magic and fantasy elements become more prevalent soon, I am bored. Shit needs to happen soon, like now! I am so impatient. 

Released today!

Blood Fury - J.R. Ward


So excited! Warden, you better not let me down. I seriously thought about not continuing with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, then the Warden released this spin-off series, it is all I like about the earlier BDB books, just new charactwrs added to the mix, and we do get frequent visits from the original bros. Hopefully this is just as good as the previous two books. For those who gave up on the original series, but miss the world these are in, give this spin-off series a shot.

Good News!

I DON'T HAVE CANCER!!! Got the news yesterday. So happy, still surgery to get it out, but no ovarian cancer. Phew... I was scared. So relieved. 

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