Land of the Beautiful Dead

Beautiful Dead - R. Lee Smith

I don’t even know how to rate this. This author can write beautifully, but there isn’t enough balance to action, romance, dialogue, everything. Way too much dialogue. And every bit of it seemed to be a some sort of witty debate. 


There were characters who were written to be hated, and hate them I did. I also saw another side to them though that made me almost feel for them and understand why they were the way they were. 


This is is way too long. When I saw the page count I was expecting some major world building, a lot of plot, but no. There was only a girl who was messed up by the death of her mother who felt she needed to set out and save the world to right that wrong, she seemed to think she was a hero though.  In the beginning I thought this would be a evil vs good, in way it was, but it was more about blending the two and seeing good and evil in all. 


So so I would call this monster romance, but not the banging Bigfoot kind.


i feel I should add that this is very disturbing. I almost hate this book, but I don’t. I don’t know what I think of this. I enjoyed hating almost everything about it?!