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I read books from a mix of genres. My favorites are dark fantasy, paranormal anything, Sci fi, horror, and fantasy. I have a thing for reading encyclopedias, I know it's sort of weird. When I find something interesting (meaning really gross, funny, unbelievable) I post about it. I have 3 kids; Myles 6, Kenzie 11,  & Jill 13 (really my youngest sister who one day just moved in with me). I have been married to my husband, Bub, for 11 years, but we have been together for 16 years. Wow, I just realize we have been together half of my life. I am 32. I am an LPN at an MRDD community. The community has a small library where I volunteer about 8 hours a week.

Rolled a ten. Post the rest when I get off work. Probably tomorrow, but I did roll, and read a book for last square, just stuck working way later than expected.

Rolled dice...

Don't have much. I landed on railroad 14 today. I will try to do a better post later if I get a chance.

Black Light Express (Railhead 2) by Phillip Reeve

Black Light Express (Switch Press:) - Philip Reeve

The first book in this series was absolutely amazing, this one is just as good. I highly recommend this series. It has everything you could possibly want in a young adult steampunk/fantasy. 


The world this is set in is so amazing, I have never encountered anything similar. The last book introduced us to world where you could travel between interstellar train stations, where trains are living beings with attitude, there are hive beasts made up of a community of insects that think as one, and so, so much more. This one continues and introduces us to so much more than even that. 


I loved the way this author writes. He tells a story full of descriptionsurprises and detail. He paces well and wastes no words on nonsense or to add girth, I hate when you can tell scenes were added to lengthen page count. His writing fits the story perfectly.


I am surprised that is not a more popular series, it is that good. Start with the first book this is not a series I recommend reading out of order, you would be lost if you tried.


Netgalley provided ebook.


303 pages

My new one. All done free hand.


Roll: 3,1=4



Wallet: $22

Monday With a Mad Genius- Booklikes-opoly

Monday with a Mad Genius - Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca

This is a book I read with my son. It also happens to fit well for my Booklikes-oply book. We started it two nights ago  and finished it tonight.


In this Jack and Annie are on a Merlin Mission. They are on a quest to "find happiness." This time they travel back and end up meeting Leonardo da Vinci. I live how Pope spins a great tale for kids while a accurately depicting the time period and history of thd content involving the subject matter.


My kid really likes this series, we have a large collection of these, just missing the few most recent books. I love that he likes these, I do to and don't get too bored while reading. I am so glad he has surpassed the "see spot run" level.


Just under 150 pages


$20 + $2= $22

question, and discussions giving me prob...

Book where the author's name has all letters of tesla, or main character is in STEM. Does the STEM main character mean the first letter is s, t, e, or m? I can't open discussions for some reason.

It's Easter Sunday!



I am going to pick my book tomorrow...

So, I finally got some down time, it didn't last. I thought we moved to great neighborhood. I had just finished coloring eggs. I heard screaming for help. I found my neighbor lady hiding under my husband's vehicle and her husband looking for her while screaming he was going to kill her. Ugh... I called the cops, spent an hour in the e.r. with neighbor lady. I will pick my Monopoly book tomorrow. I think this counts as unforseen circumstances. I already rolled and posted, just no book picked. 

Wanna plan a game? It's BookLikes-opoly created by Moonlight Reader & Obsidian Blue

Reblogged from Yodamom Finds her Force:


We feel honored that BookLikes became an arena for book bloggers' reading game. YAY! So, who wants to play? On behalf of the BookLikes team and BookLikes bloggers Moonlight Reader and Obsidian Blue, the creators of the game, we'd like to invite you to join BookLikes-opoly! Game play will start on April 15th and end on July 31st, 2017.


The following information are copied from Moonlight Reader's blog posts and are published on BookLikes Blog with the blogger's consent. Please visit Moonlight Reader blog to read the original posts, you can also find all game posts by inserting BookLikes-opoly tag into the search box or simply click here.



A game, posts, all information and rules below were created by Moonlight Reader. In case of any game questions, please visit Moonlight Reader blog or Booklikes Bookish Bingo Club where you'll find other players as well as tips and tricks concerning the BookLikes-opoly game.



General information


I will be posting the complete rules of the game over the next few posts. In order to ensure that the rules/space tasks are available, I will also be putting up a Game Play and Rules Thread in the Bingo Group, I will create a game page on my wordpress blog and my booklikes blog, and I will be posting them on the BL Expats group on GR, for those of you who are over there as well as over here.


In addition, I relinquish all copyright to any part of the game and make them freely available to everyone to use them as is helpful in playing the game. Download the images to your computer and post them to your personal blog, upload them to your imgur account so you can post them on GR in your personal threads, print them and use them to wallpaper your bathroom!


General information


Do not get overwhelmed. The game is quite simple, and is based on a monopoly board, but when I reveal it, it may sound very complicated. Part of my purpose in creating the game is to generate a fun way to do some TBR busting! You should not have to buy new books to gain dollars for your bank! If you want to buy new books, however, I am never going to stop you!


I will do a "fake" game play tutorial post at the end of this process, which should clarify things substantially! It really will make sense once you see how it works and it will be fun!


Feel free to play the game in the background. There are some spaces that involve a community activity that should be fun, so keep an eye out for friends who need help! 





Basic Rules & FAQ


* Players keep track of their own game board and bank! Feel free to set up a discussion in the Bingo group to track, if you feel that will be helpful.

* Every player leaves the Start space with $20.00.

* Dice rolls are based on the honor system. You can either roll virtual dice or you can roll real dice at home. You will either roll two 6-sided dice or one 12-sided die. Up to you! Link to electronic dice.

* Virtual dollars are awarded based on the page length of the qualifying book, as follows:

0 to 100 pages: $1.00
101 to 200 pages: $2.00
201 to 400 pages: $3.00
401 to 800 pages: $5.00
over 801 pages: $10.00

*Players are eligible to roll only on odd-numbered dates.

*Like in monopoly, you can play through a space without reading a book to fill the task, the only rule is that you have to wait until the next roll date to move (so, the next odd numbered day, which is going to be either one or two days) However, if you choose to read for a space, you can't move until you finish the book and bank your payout.


*The one exception to the "you must finish the book before you move on rule" is that audiobook listeners may have one audiobook in progress while they continue moving around the board. You don't bank your payout until you finish listening.


*If you HATE your book, here's what you do! DNF's are absolutely allowed. You can count the # of pages read to get your payout - so if you read 120 pages before DNF'ing, you get $2.00 for your bank. The only caveat is that you have to read 10% of the book to get any payout.

*Game play will start on April 15th and end on July 31st, 2017.


*I will set up a Q&A thread in the Bingo group. Please post questions in that thread! 


*Where a task refers to genre tags, this is based on GR genre tags. If you don't have a GR account, and can't get into a book page to determine if it has the required genre tags, you can post the question in Q&A. In addition, the genre tag does not need to be one of the book page tags - it can be on the first page of the "top shelves" if the book has a lot of shelvings.

*On the final day of game play, players need to submit the value of their bank accounts to be considered for prize money.


Read the original blog post: Booklikes-opoly: General information->



Game Play - Reading tasks


The Lands!










Mystery Squares 



Trains, Plains & Automobiles! 


Read the original blog post: Game Play - Reading tasks->




Additional tasks


There are some remaining spaces that I'll explain in this post!


Unique Spaces:



Go to jail: Go to jail. Serve a sentence of 300 pages (or pay the equivalent bail of $3.00), unless there are enough pages in the prison library to spring you.



Jail visitor: Donate 100 pages (or $1.00) to the prison library before leaving the space. Post your donation on the group "Prison library" thread!



Free parking: roll the dice. Odd number sends you to the waterworks, even number sends you to the electric company, doubles sends you to the luxury tax.



Read a book with water on the cover, or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e., cries) because of an emotional event.




Read a book where a main character is in STEM, or where the author's first and last name contain all of the letters in "Tesla".


Read a book where someone gets married, with jewelry on the cover, or where any character is a millionaire/billionaire!




Roll the electronic dice, and perform the task that corresponds to your roll!


  1. Let a BL friend choose your book! Post a list of 4 books - first one to comment chooses your next read.
  2. Give $5.00 to another player. If you don't have $5.00, roll again!
  3. Let a BL friend choose your next ride! Post your plight, and see where the first person sends you!
  4. You are in time out for two days. Wait for your chance to roll again.
  5. Collect $10.00 for yourself and one other player!
  6. It's your lucky day! Read any book for your next turn regardless of the task instructions!
  7. Double your dollars on your next read!
  8. Read in the wild! Take your book with you and find a place to read that isn't your living room for an hour!
  9. Post a picture or a story about a favorite vacation spot!
  10. Go to jail. Serve a sentence of 300 pages (or pay the equivalent bail of $3.00), unless there are enough pages in the prison library to spring you!
  11. Read for two! The rewards for your next book are doubled - and half of the money goes to another player of your choice!
  12. Wheel decide - spin the wheel to pick your next "land" and choose any property in the land for your next book!


Read the original blog post: Booklikes-opoly: Additional tasks->



Game Play Tutorial

A Brief Game Play Tutorial


I thought it would be helpful to do a few rounds of play, to help explain how it will work! 

Game Play:


Roll 1:

4/15/17: Rolled 7, so game piece moves to space #7, which is Toad's Wild Ride in Fantasyland. The task for that space is: read a book with anthropomorphized/talking animals or read a "classic" fantasy published before 2000. I decide to read: Redwall, by Brian Jacques to fulfill this task. My version has 333 pages, so I get $3.00 for the task, which increases my bank to $23.00. I finish it in one day.


Roll 2:

I can't roll on 4/16/17, because it is not a roll day. On 4/17/17, I roll a 5, which puts me in space 11 - related to the opening year of Disneyland. My task is to read a book that takes place between 1945 and 1965, or that was written by an author born before 1955. I decide to read The Gunslinger by Stephen King, who was born in 1947.  This book is 231 pages long, so I make $3.00 for finishing this book, which increases my bank to $26.00.


Roll 3:

I am on vacation, so I don't roll again until the 4/21/17. I roll 10, and end up on the BL square. I roll my virtual dice, and roll a 5! I collect an extra $10.00 for myself, and for one other player. I pick someone to get the extra $10.00, and go on my way! My bank is now $36.00.


Roll 3:

I roll again on the 23rd. I roll a 6, and I land on Adventureland 26, which tells me to read a book tagged adventure or thriller. I'm not feeling adventure or thriller, so I decide to pass on this one. My bank remains at $36.00


Roll 4:

I roll again 4/25/17 and I roll a 3, which puts me on the boardwalk at Paradise Pier 28. The category for this one is "read a book set during Victoria's reign or tagged steampunk on GR." I decide to read Wilkie Collins The Moonstone. My edition has 510 pages, so I get a whopping $5.00 for this one. My bank is now $41.00.


And so on . . . 


Bank: $41.00


Read the original blog post: Booklikes-opoly: Additional tasks->



Have fun and let us know how much you love it! Cause we're sure you will!

First... reroll... ugh

I rolled a five. I don't know what I originally rolled, I think it was a nine, but the son thought the auto dice were great and pushed the roller over and over... He needs school back, spring break, I think, has brought out his insane side.


Now I need to find a book. Again... lol.

The Chosen

The Chosen: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward

I was really beginning to wonder how Ward was going to keep this series going, there was a serious lack of characters to continue to write about, not a problem anymore.


In this we finally get Layla and Xcor's story. There was a lot for them to overcome for them. Layla has twins with another male, Quinn. Quinn very much dislikes Xcor, like hates him. Things explode when it is finally found out that Layla has been meeting with an enemy, and has fallen for him. Their story was sweet.


This is so much more than just their story though. So much happens. We visit old characters. A big focus was V and Janes relationship. They got some rocky roads ahead. It's like they can't figure each other or their relationship out. Throe is up to more shady shit, literally. Lassiter has got a new job, and man is it  doozy. I think he will rock it though. I want him to have a book. He needs a mate. This is definitely not a book that could be skipped. Like I said, so much happens.


Also, I like the UK cover so much better.


Mary is here!

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It is publication day for Queen of Martyrs! Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen!



Arghhhhh! This....

Life has been challenging. I am in the middle of a custody battle with my father concerning my little sister. BIG! I found out he has been pocketing over 900 dollars a month for the past year from assistance received from my mother's social security. His girlfriend gets drunk and tries to call me to tell me how wonderful of a mother she would be to her if "Griffin da damn chance." (That's how she talks when inebriated) She called my work trying to find me and cussed out a client because in her drunk mind she thought my mentally handicapped resident was lying to her that I wasn't there. She threatened to "mess" him up. Now I have court over that crap too because she was arrested for phone harassment along with some other things that I am not positive what they were.


My husband has had pneumonia three times this year. His asthma has been bad in between these illnesses. He has not been able to work a full week in over five months. He was just diagnosed with it again three days ago. He is miserable. 


I have not gotten hardly any reading done. I try, but as soon as my head hits my pillow I am out cold. My days at work are starting at 5:30 am and not ending until 5 pm, or even later. I start a new assignment this Sunday and hopefully my schedule will not blow up like this one did. I want to be able to sit and read a book from cover to cover in one sitting. I haven't had time for that in far too long. So many of my favorite series have, or soon will have, new releases. I really just want to reread at least the few most recent books before diving into the new. I do have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off before the new stuff. Maybe I will have time then.


I have a bad case of the bad nerves going on. I have the oldest in D.C. on a school trip. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry, but the timing is just bad considering Trump and his choice of bombing.


Next month the middle girl goes to camp. I know she will enjoy herself so much. She is a bit jealous of the older one's trip, but I keep telling her she will get her turn next year.


The boy has been in the dumps due to his only neighborhood friend moving away. Fingers crossed that the family who looked at the house gets it. They have a set of twins my son's age. My kid goes to school with them, in the same class. We used to live near them and my son really enjoyed it. I am pretty sure the landlord is going to rent to themake, I sort of called him and really talked these people up and I have known the landlord my entire life. I used to work for him taking care of his mother.


I will stop now. Just wanted to fill you all in on what I have been up to and why I haven't been very social here.



Reading progress update: I've read 10%.

The Chosen: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward

I understand why Layla and Quinn had kids together. I predicated it to be a difficult situation. I was right. It is out that Layla was seeing the enemy and in love with him. Quinn lost his head and really messes things up. Now Layla faces a tough road. I could never be separated from my kids as she is expected to be. 


I am happy to finally get the Layla and Xcor story. Layla is one of my most favorite characters in this series. Xcor I have not formed an opinion about. I suspect I will like this book. I do like what Ward has done so far. The past couple books have been very different from the beginning of the series. Lots of sadness.

$1.99 on Amazon right now...

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman

Amazon us

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