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I read books from a mix of genres. My favorites are dark fantasy, paranormal anything, Sci fi, horror, and fantasy. I have a thing for reading encyclopedias, I know it's sort of weird. When I find something interesting (meaning really gross, funny, unbelievable) I post about it. I have 3 kids; Myles 6, Kenzie 11,  & Jill 13 (really my youngest sister who one day just moved in with me). I have been married to my husband, Bub, for 11 years, but we have been together for 16 years. Wow, I just realize we have been together half of my life. I am 32. I am an LPN at an MRDD community. The community has a small library where I volunteer about 8 hours a week.

Fiercell Obsessions

Fierce Obsessions (The Phoenix Pack Series) - Suzanne Wright

This is a repost because I accidentally deleted the post. 


This is about shifters. In this we get a wolf, Tao, and a raven, Riley. Ripley has a past she that isn't sunshine and butterflies. She decided to leave her flock and ended up with the Phoenix pack.Tao is lead enforcer for the pack and has been a pretty major character in most, maybe all of the books so far. Looking at the past, the first book in this series when published, conatained some very erotica, even more so than what this series now contains, then later parts were edited out... lol. For some reason throughout this book I kept on thinking about a certain part in which Tao was involved, a very graphic part.. Anyways, back to this book. I really think this coupling was a good choice.

If you are a fan of this series, you know what to expect. If this is something you are considering then start from the beginning. Expect graphic sex, a bit more erotica than most shifter books, but not quite erotica. Of course you get mating, fun laughs, and zack great group of characters.


Review copy provided by Netgalley. 


Hunger - Jacquelyn Frank

So... Hmm, where to start? This one was okay. I have read books by this author that I really liked, then some that I kept waiting for the action to start. This one happened to fall in the second category.


i like the idea. The way the story is it is very dependent on dialogue to keep things going, and sex too. The dialogue to me would have been okay for a story where it wasn't the only thing keeping the story going, but here I feel it needed to be more complex and consistent to the characters. It starts with a man vamp and a human woman kidnapped and trapped together... Oh and they're naked too. No clothes, no sheets, and only a narrow window in which to gauge time and days past. There is starving evamp, and tainted girl. Tainted girl could mean bad bad things for vamp should he lose his control and feed on her heroine tainted energy. Yes, it is one of those, there's lots of cheesy goin' on here.


 I feel the the characters fell a bit flat. They didn't seem real, they seemed cookie cutter and convenient to me. I wanted more layers. The woman kinda got on my nerves. The male was mean at times and was forgiven too easily making the woman seem desperate.


i do so like the idea of energy vamps. I like the idea of their history but wish the topic was more explored and more detailed.


book provided by netgalley

And one did not fuck one’s food.
Hunger - Jacquelyn Frank

I would certainly hope not.

Immortal Rider

Immortal Rider - Larissa Ione

I read the first books in Ione's Demonica series, I for some reason never considered reading any of the books in the spinoff Lords of Deliverance. I should have started these a while ago. These sit perfectly with the books I normally read. Glad I waited though, this definitely pulled me out of a reading slump.


I love that the characters from Demonica also appear in this. It was nice to get updates on them. I do think I may reread those books because I feel I have forgotten bits of them.


This seriously put me in mind of Showalter's LOTU books with the demon possessed Ares, a good thing in my opinion considering they are among my favorite books. 


This is has everything you want in a paranormal romance. The unique characters, the smutty sex, the hero with a bad side, etc. I tend to not love books in this genre where one of the main characters is human, but Ione's found a way to make the human unique and really drag her into thus world. I like how the female Cara grows into what she becomes but also holds true to her roots.


Bravo! Thank you book for pulling me from my slump. On to the next book just so happens I have a copy I rescued from a trash can at the airport about a year ago, still even smells like pickles.

Mythical Beasts and Beings

Mythical Beasts and Beings - Lisa Graves, Lisa Graves

This is only 32 pages long, I didn't realize that when I requested it. At first I thought is was going to be geared towards juveniles, but it isn't written like most children's book where the information is simplified to make it easy to understand, but it isn't so difficult that I would label it adult, so I will go with "for all ages" as I feel people of any age could gain something from reading this. Perfect for someone interested in mythical creatures not wanting to commit to reading a "big" book. The illustrations are very nice and add a lot to the content. 


Netgally provided digital copy for unbiased review.

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison

This is good, but obviously not very memorable. I didn't realize until one of the last scene that I had read this a while ago. Oops.


In this humans and others, the Elder Races, live together knowingly. Our main character, Dragos, was created before the Earth, but was something unlike what he now is. He has watched species come and go. I find this very interesting. At one point there is talk of the Earth being a living being itself, made me think about it for a bit. I love when a book unexpectedly does that. The female character is way younger than Dragos, in her early or mid twenties, but she is wise beyond her years in certain aspects. She is unique, just not aware of how unique she actually is until further in the book.


This is like a lot of other paranormal romance available, but it has its own flare. I like it. Hope the series continues well. 

Another bookish tat!

He did an amazing job on this one. I love it. Inspired by Louisa May Allcot's "She is too fond of books..." Quote. The profile looks just like my mother when she was young. I love it, makes it even better.

Happy 13th Birthday Girly-Girl!


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Wicked Abyss by Kresley (I love this author) Cole

Wicked Abyss - Kresley Cole

I absolutely love this series, Immortals After Dark. I set alarms for release dates, I get desparate enough to troll fanfic, I even have my tattoo dude drawing a tat for them. Something interesting... Before drawing the thing he is reading the books, he loves them, just wishes the porn scenes (as he calls them) weren't so frequent, I have no problem with their frequency ;).


This is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, probably the best I have ever read, and I have read quite a few of them. I could see a great resemble between this and Disney's animated movie, I haven't seen the new one yet though, I really want to. We get relatively new characters, and the story is set in a new to us realm were most of the previous characters are not present, so not a lot of revisiting going on, we do get brief glimpses though. I do wish we got to see a bit more of the Valkyries, I miss them crazy bitches! 


I loved the couple in this and feel they were perfect. The female, Lila. She is smart, tricksy, bold, and tough as nails. The male, Sian, is a hulk of a beast. He is also smart and tricksy, but he has some past baggage that is ruling his thoughts and actions. He does a lot of growing up during the pages of this story. They have great chemistry and I thoroughly enjoying reading of their battle to love. 


This is another match made by Nix. There is so much going on. Nix is trying to make her best hand before dreaded ascension is full force. I am considering a reread of the story. Can't wait for the next book. Beauty


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Black Light Express (Railhead 2) by Phillip Reeve

Black Light Express (Switch Press:) - Philip Reeve

The first book in this series was absolutely amazing, this one is just as good. I highly recommend this series. It has everything you could possibly want in a young adult steampunk/fantasy. 


The world this is set in is so amazing, I have never encountered anything similar. The last book introduced us to world where you could travel between interstellar train stations, where trains are living beings with attitude, there are hive beasts made up of a community of insects that think as one, and so, so much more. This one continues and introduces us to so much more than even that. 


I loved the way this author writes. He tells a story full of descriptionsurprises and detail. He paces well and wastes no words on nonsense or to add girth, I hate when you can tell scenes were added to lengthen page count. His writing fits the story perfectly.


I am surprised that is not a more popular series, it is that good. Start with the first book this is not a series I recommend reading out of order, you would be lost if you tried.


Netgalley provided ebook.


303 pages

My new one. All done free hand.


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Monday With a Mad Genius- Booklikes-opoly

Monday with a Mad Genius - Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca

This is a book I read with my son. It also happens to fit well for my Booklikes-oply book. We started it two nights ago  and finished it tonight.


In this Jack and Annie are on a Merlin Mission. They are on a quest to "find happiness." This time they travel back and end up meeting Leonardo da Vinci. I live how Pope spins a great tale for kids while a accurately depicting the time period and history of thd content involving the subject matter.


My kid really likes this series, we have a large collection of these, just missing the few most recent books. I love that he likes these, I do to and don't get too bored while reading. I am so glad he has surpassed the "see spot run" level.


Just under 150 pages


$20 + $2= $22

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