I got to thinking earlier. If my life were a book, what would the title be? What genre would it be in? Who would I want to write it? What would the cover look like?


The title took me while to decide. I finally decided on: Crazy, but She Just Can't Help It


Genre: This would be a mix. Definately adult (I cuss a lot, and like a good sex scene), chick lit, drama, inspirational (I have conquered a lot of demons n my life), and comedy (it better be funny, cause I need to laugh about certain things now).


Author: This one was hard. I finally decided on E.L. James...Just kidding Michelle Knight, it would be you. I like how you capture the truth.


The cover: I would have strings attached to me like a marionette. Half of the strings would be cut, and I would be holding a pair of scissors. Or, I want to be in front of a tree with an apple on my head. The arrow that missed the apple would be about 3 inches from my face. Oh, and I am cross eyed staring at the arrow. 


What would your book be like?


First time I met my hubby:


It was love at first site. We spent everyday and night together, in bed. The....



Marriage and first kid:





Second kid:



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After kids: