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Fever: A Ballroom Romance (#1) - Tonya Plank

I am really not liking Rory's fucktard boyfriend. I am loving this author's writing though. She can really tell a story.


“I’ll have the salmon Caesar salad,” I said.

“As a starter, madam?” the waiter said.

“No, as a main course.”

“Rory, come on. You were shopping all day. I know you haven’t eaten,” James said, the annoyance in his voice clear. He’d moved closer and whispered this into my cheek. “It looks like you don’t respect the place they’ve chosen for us if you just order something simple like that. This place is hugely famous.”

“But it would look worse if I couldn’t finish something big, wouldn’t it?” I whispered back. “She’s going to have the blackened pan-seared salmon, with a Caesar as a starter, and I’ll also have the beef Wellington,” James said to the waiter without giving me another look.