Daughter's Extra Credit



My daughter's 6th grade English teacher has given her students the opportunity to start out the next year with a bank of up to 40 extra points which she can use to increase her grades through out the year. Example: If she scores 18/20 on a test, she can pull two points from her bank and increase her score to 20/20. In order to earn these points she must a book that meets the requirement of each challenge. The challenges are: Read a book from a new author (she chose Vreeland by Gabriel Strump), a poetry book, a classic, a bedtime story, a book about middle school,  fantasy book, picture book (she chose Moletown by Torben Khulmann), and a book that was made into a movie. After each book she can either write a report, or I, the parent, can post a review for her somewhere on the internet and send the link to her teacher. (I revised how I worded this after an intense Booklikes discussion about legalities. The teacher did not ask them to do anything illegal, I just worded the instructions wrong. She is 11 years old. The teacher stated that she wants the reviews posted in a place where the parent has the ability to monitor and delete any offensive remarks.)


Well, she is back at school. I have 3 weeks to get her reviews up. I am almost positive she completed all of her extra credit assignments. 


Coming next, information provided by me (age 32), her thoughts on Secret Garden for the Read a Classic Challenge. I will not provide a star rating, but will write in the review it self how she would rate it.


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