Reading progress update: I've read 20 out of 55 pages.

Magno Girl and the Beast of Brooklyn - Joe Canzano

There is a character in this who is an ass of a cop. He thinks men are better than woman at fighting crime. His name is Royd. HHHAAAAHHHHAAA, I love the name the auther chose for this character.


This happened earlier in the book, but I love tis scene so much:


"Who the hell are you?" Royd said.


She hesitated, nd then, "I'm Magno Girl."


Royd frowned again. "Listen, honey, we don't need another superhero, and especially not a woman. okay? Why don't you get a job modeling lingerie?"


She narrowed her eyes a bit. "I had that job,  and I ate a cookie and got fired. Look, I'm only trying to help."


She tossed back her hair and put her hands on her hips; I felt my heart start to pound.


The guy telling the story is Ron. He just witnessed a robbery. He is meeting Magno girl for the first time. Neither one are very good with the opposite sex. This is hilarious! Love it!