Galadria: Book 3

Galadria: Peter Huddleston & the Knights of the Leaf - Miguel Lopez de Leon

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Join Peter and his family as they fight for their lives in the very heart of Galadria! All seems lost, before Peter and his grandfather must travel to the Galadrian forests, and seek help from the mysterious and elusive Knights of the Leaf! Filled with serpent priestesses, brave knights, a barrage of magical weapons, a clan of paper-thin warriors, political fairies and a host of Galadrian creatures...Peter and his family must sacrifice everything for their beloved golden realm! Book 3 in the Galadria series is chock-full of magic, sweets, battle, hope, death, revelation and above all...courage! Come join the adventure!




There are many qualities in the books of the series. There is magic, fantasy lands, a big unusual manor to explorem, and much more. The characters a beautifully written, they display great amounts of courage, intelligence, and compasion. Each book can be read without too much confusion without having read the previous installments, but I recommend reading them in order because there are so many things that each book offers. This is an amazing series geared toward middle grade readers and anyone who loves a tame fantasy story that doesn't feel too heavy. 


This author is very talented. He can really weave a story. The world he created is unique and beautifully set up. There are no plot holes, or confusing moments for the reader. I found little to no grammatical errors. The story flowed smoothly and kept my interest through it's entirety. I hope this author has more to come in the future. He has definitely snagged my interest and I now declare my fangirl status as extreme.


My favorite character in this series was the gigantic white tiger named Rune. He is an amazing beast and loyal friend to Peter, the main character. As a child I know I would have wanted a Rune of my own.


Thank you to the author for allowing me the chance to win this in a Goodreads giveaway. I am so happy that I was one of the ones chosen to recieve both the second and third book in this series.