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Check Mate - Michelle Knight

Uh oh! I want to scream, "No! Gary, don't use that memory stick. I have read the back of the book!" ;)


I think he is about to teach super weaponized, indestructible, hulk of a robot how to play chess. I know how to play chess. After watching my father and his friends play every Friday and Saturday, at the age of seven, I was as good as the grown ups. This is not a game you want turbo killing robot to know!


This is fun. This is another side to Michelle's imagination. I read her first book, The Companion, about two or three months ago. In that book she opened my "vanilla eyes." Now, let's see what she can do with science fiction, which I have read a little, but not as much as I would like to claim. 




Life is a game of chess and we have been programming our computers to play it for generations; each time honing the programs to work smarter, faster, with more efficiency and higher accuracy than ever before.


A stroke of fate saw two memory cards being swapped. In a military laboratory, the most powerful game of chess ever written was accidentally loaded in to an experimental, highly agile, weaponised robot. From the moment they hit the run command, that robot had only one purpose ... to win the game... 


I plan on getting to at least the 50% finished mark before the kids get home.


This is cute, but I don't think is what is going to happen



The robot is described something like this:



That thing, with the knowledge it takes to play chess, not good!