Girl drama update.

I was nice this morning. I gave the girls a ride to school. It is twin day at school, it's spirit week, they were dressed in these cute long skirts and black tops. The oldest wants to negotiate.  Lol, yep negotiate. There is nothing to negotiate. I take care of you, you cost a fortune, you do as I say, I am only looking out for your best interest. I miss them, but I need to know they respect my decisions. I have no problem if they challenge my decisions, but only if they do it in a respectful way and have a legitimate point to make. I have changed y mind on things in the past do to good out weighing the bad. Don't just pull the, "It's not fair." I don't care about fair, I care about safe, good judgment, respect, intelligence, etc. N.ot increasing social status. I will listen to her thoughts and take them seriously.