Dystopian Bodice-ripper

Strongheart's Woman: A Romance set in the Daniel's Fork Universe (Before Daniel's Fork Book 1) - Zeecé Lugo

Description from the back of the book, it differs from what is offered online:

It is the middle of the 22nd century, and North America is once again a verdant paradise where giant herds of bison roam freely, and wild mustangs run wild in the plains. The once powerful megacities lie crumbling under their own weight, stark ruins slowly being swallowed by the encroaching vegetation.

In this world, the survivors of the pandemic that swept over the planet decades earlier are flourishing. Man has embraced an almost feudal way of life. Children swim in the rivers, lovers watch the stars, people till the fields, and lords rule the lands.

Lord Victor Strongheart to Choctaw land to meet the young lady who, by written accord, is destined to be his bride. Annasai, the chief's daughter, is everything a man could want, and Strongheart couldn't be happier. Her cousin, Setiyah, is all nettles and strings; the lord is glad not to be marrying her. But when Setiyah dances in the moonlight, Lord Strongheart, his beautiful bride at his side, watches as one bewitched. He knows the heart is a treacherous thing, and his has just betrayed him!

My Thoughts:

Wow! Zeecé Lugo can make a story come alive. I have never encountered a author more talented at making her words seem like lyrics from a beautiful song. I am amazed at how well this book turned out to be.

This is set in the future where the world has drastically changed from what we know it to be today. It seems more like the past, and this story reminded me of a historical bodice ripper, and boy did I want to be right in the story and have my bodice ripped. I really did not think this story was going to be able to work, but amazingly it did.

This is meant for adults. The sex is steamy, no, let me correct that, wholly shit this had some scorching, TAKE ME NOW sex!

The characters are great and I fell in love with each and every one of them, especially Setiyah. She is very independent and headstrong, and has no intentions of ever saying a nice word in Lord Stongheart's favor. Boy do her feelings change.

I am very curious to see how the rest of the books about Daniel's Fork stand in comparison to this one.

I recommend this to fans of romance with adult situations and descriptive sexual relations.

Excerpt I enjoyed:

The dancer stood near the fire, hands held gracefully to her heart, head slightly inclined to the side, a shimmering gossamer-thin mantle covering her from head to foot. The beat of the hand-driven percussion rhythm began, and the male dancer emerged from the shadows. He began, and a male dancer emerged from the shadows. He began a measured, rhythmic stepping dance around the shrouded female, each turn bringing him closer to her until their bodies stood barely an inch apart. He began unwrapping the gossamer film from her, inch by inch, revealing the woman beneath the veil.

Mysterious and exotic, she joined her lover in a series of swirling turns that carried them into a passionate embrace. Her flowing crimson skirt moved around her as he turned under his arm...


I won this book on Goodreads.