Chapters 1-3

Welcome to Monstrovia - Mark H. Newhouse

This is what I am reading to my son for bedtime. I will do nighttime updates on days I am off work.


This is a book for middle grade children where humans and monster coexist.


"You! Human! Hurry!" The flight attendan, barely able to fit through the aisle   someone I haven't seen before   is eyeing me like I am an alien.  


"Who me?"


He points at me and roars, "Yes you! Now hurry! We haven't got all day!"


He looks furry - faced, like a giant bear so I don't dawdle. I thank him for the service he did not give me, and climb down the shake stairs to the tarmac.


 This is fun so far. My sn was laughing and not wanting me to put it down for the night. I love finding a book to share with him that gives us laughs and memories, this one so far fits that mold perfectly.