Update on the Bug Babies (this is how I refer to them in my head, and it easier for my hubby and I to say this when we talk about it without handing my kids gossip)

There principal ' response to my concern about the child with lice was just...wow. and not in a good way.


She was more concerned about how I, and apparently other parents (I only told one other parent) found out about it. She also said that if the other children take precautions...


REALLY?!? So my child is supposed to be psychic and know to steer clear of them? Great idea, thst is a wonderful way to handle things.


I am sitting here with an ad and the ten dollars it costs to place an ad in the community paper. I have no problem wtth, and feel no guilt for bringing attention to the subject. There are no words I can use to express how awful this buggy family is. Even in the book I just read about the history of my community there are multiple references to the founding members if their family getting in trouble. A little digging and research (the reason I wasn't on here so much yesterday) shows a pattern of problems. Rape, arsen, sexual abuse, child molestation, and much more. The family is also referenced in an aticle from the early part of the 20th century about bed bug infestations, and what families to keep a distance from. I came across something that bothered me. There was a class picture and there was this one little girl all the way over to the side who was basically secluded from the rest of the class. The last name blindsided me, an older relative to the lice breeders of the community. The picture is from 1951 and one of my neighbors (the lady who pirates everything from the internet, yes she is still doing it) was in the class. I am eagerly waiting for my neighbor to return from her daughter's house this evening. She loves to tell stories and she has one hell of a memory. 


A letter is also on it's way from the medical director from work to the school board, principal, health departmeny, and a reporter from Cleveland who loves to report on child neglect cases. He has made this a project of his and knows the avenues to take better than I do. I didn't know that he had grandchildren who go to school with my kids. He told me there is not hinging children services can do about the problem, but the Health Department is a different story. This doctor also has no problem making waves where I would not be comfortable. His words are better than mine...



"Is it better to worry about the best interest of a few students, or the interest of the majority of the students? Where does the tolerence stop? Should we allow children with infectious mononucleosis (mono) in school so they don't get behind on their studies? If that is the case, my granddaughter will be back in school today and not studying on her own."


I loved that part of his letter.