Reading progress update: I've read 96 out of 292 pages.

Of High Treason - Ember Shane

Chuck is going through the second shading in the process of becoming a royal zombie. During this phase his body and mind are over run by the need to feed and... um... make whoopee. He is trying convince Addy's best friend Kai,  a girl he was making whoopee with before going all Zombie, to relieve his urges for whoopee making. 


The story, right now, is being told from Kai's point of view:

"But to be honest, I'd strap n some lederhosen and pretend to be Hansel if it would get you in this cage."




"As tempting as that that would be, you've missed te point. Are you even capable of  me outside tge realm if sex?" I asked.


"No, unless you count as a food source," came his very honest and unexpected reply. I suppose I had been hoping he would lie. My ego was definitely wounded.


"Sex and food and anger are pretty much the only things I think about in here..."


The story is  now switching back and forth between different people's point of views. At first it lost me, but now, it makes the story more complex. It was perfect timing to switch it up, It was about to become monotinous. I was close to pointing out that I wished I could read the story from the other characters also. Yay! I hope Addy grows on me, I find her a little annoying. There was a part from her side of the story and it made her character become a little more complex, and that is what she needs. With the story only told from Doyle's perspective, all I ever saw of her were interactions between her and him. 


I will probably do two or three more updates, and hope to finish this and have a review posted by tomorrow, maybe tonight. Also, the author has some nice new graphic quotes up, and I may use some of them in my future updates.