It happened again. Another book I agreed to review came in a different format than promised.

I am pissed. Another book, another agreement, wrong promised format. This time on Librarything. The only reason I requested the book is because a friend really wanted to read it and I was going to gift it to her after reading. This time it was the author/publisher's fault. I have been so careful to hold up my end of the agreement on that site. I have never not reviewed a book I received, and I have received at least 16 books through that site in the last year. It is going to be so hard to keep my experience from swaying my review. I want to completely tear the book to threads if I find something wrong with it. I won't do that if there is nothing wrong, but in am going to want to point out every flaw and mistake. I was going to be very easy on this book because I was going into without a personal interest in the book. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't sound like a bad book, but it is not something I would read if I had the choice. It is outside of my interests. @#_¢&%*!!! And I have no clue what nasty word that is.