Scottish Werebear: An Unexpexted Affair by Lorelei Moone

Scottish Werebear: An Unexpected Affair: A BBW Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance (Scottish Werebears Book 1) - Lorelei Moone

Writing:  4 stars ☆☆☆☆

Originality: 2  stars ☆☆


This is a novella containing around 100 pages. It was a quick read and only took about 2 hours, give or take, to finish. The formatting was done nicely.


I really liked the writing style and enjoyed reading this. If the story would have been just a bit more original, I would have given it 4 stars. I will follow this author to see what she has to come in the future.


This is written like so many other shifter novels. Human female just broke up with cheating human boyfriend. Female decides to take vacation all by herself to clear head and overcome writer's block. Girl and boy meet and insta mate. The shifter male decides to try to avoid said female. Humans don't know about shifters and coupling between the two are not encouraged. Female doesn't understand her feelings for male. Male saves female. I am sure if you have read other shifter books, you know the rest.


I received an ARC copy in exchange for honest review.