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Of High Treason - Ember Shane

Now that I have reread that part.


It would be agany to crave somebody as much as Pheonix craves Doyle. What was done to her is horrible. The author write this in such a way that I feel seething anger towards the person who did to her what was done. I want to cry for her. Some of the characters in this story feel so real to me.


"I'll never make anothermjoke. I'll do my best to never make you uncomfortable again. I'll pull my rank in your favor whenever you need me to. I will owe you. I will owe Addy. Just... please. Please, just once, touch me. You can close your eyes. You can pretend I'm her."


Even I wanted to cry for her. God, it wwas like a stray dog begging for an once og compasion. Sympathy Warren with my innate aversion to touching anyone but Addy.