Another Round of Applause for Ember Shane

Of High Treason - Ember Shane

Description (Goodreads):


When Doyle Hawthorne first discovered the truth behind his royal lineage, he couldn't have imagined a worse fate. In fact, rubbing elbows with royalty, a government-created race of super zombies, could've been found at the top of his Not To Do list. Unfortunately, no one asked for his opinion before his induction into the royal court. 


Now Doyle must come to terms with how his royal status endangers Addy, his pheromone-bonded mate. He realizes he needs more instruction in self-control than his current teacher can provide. Forced to seek out William, the long-standing alpha of the colony he'd helped free, he begs for assistance. This is no easy task as both William and Doyle possess a strong predisposition to lead. But if Doyle can survive the education, it could prove invaluable. 


Of High Treason in the follow-up novel to Of Royal Descent and continues to follow Doyle Hawthorne and friends as they navigate their way through the volatile atmosphere of royal subculture. 


Intended for audiences 18+ due to language and sexual content.


My Thoughts:


Most second books in a trilogy suffer from what many call  "second book syndrome". This is not the case with this book. This book males the world that Ember Shane has created so much more than we saw in the first book. She has explained how the zombie hierarchy and colony function, and it well thought out and very interesting to read about. 


The charters in this story have progressively developed. Even the last few pages were giving insight into what is important to each and everyone of them. There are quite a few characters in the story but I had no problem keeping track of them and could tell them apart by dialog alone because of their differences and and personalities. These characters have been introduced to me so well that I feel as if I know them. It is easy for me to feel angered when they are angered and happy when things are going in the right direction. I don't feel that any of their actions have broke character, which is something that irritates the hell out of me when it happens in books I read. 


This doesnt contain as much emphasis on the romance developement as i thought it would. There is a love triangle between Chuck, Doyle, and me Doyle, Addy and Pheonix. It isn't the kind where the character's don't know who they love or are going around getting naked with each other. Doyle and Addy have a pheromone bond with each other, but Pheonix has a pheromone bond to Doyle that is one sided. I really feel horrible for Pheonix. Her bond to Doyle was caused by funky scientific exexperiments that were an attempt to create a double sided bond between the two. I couldn't imagine craving someone as much as these zombies crave their bonded partner without a mutual craving in return. Doyle is repulsed by the thought of touching anyone but Addy, but he feels completely awful for how Pheonix must feel. Addy still gets under my skin, but I think it is more that my personality and he's would completely clash, that and she is with one of my book boyfriends :).


This is written in first person style. Like I said in the review of the first book, I am normally not a fan of books written that way, but this works for me. The author's writing ability is great and has obviously improved since the first book, which was also well written but not to this level? It bounces between which character is being focused on. It is not confusing because at the beginning of the chapter it is clearly labeled who you will be reading about. I somehow missed this at first.


There are bad guys coming after these zombies. Their powers are craved by many, and some see them as a threat to human existense because of how difficult it is for them to control their nature. The action scenes in this book have really improved and are more detailed than in the first book.


I love this trilogy and will be reading the next book in the trilogy shortly. There are things that are left hanging in the air and I am anxious to see where it all goes. I am extremely eager to find out what Doyle's sister Jenny is. I have a good reason to believe I will be finding this bit of information in the next book. I also have found out that the author is working on a spinoff series featuring Jenny, so whatever her DNA holds, it must be interesting. I NEED TO KNOW NOW! If I don't find out soon, even if I love the next book, I will deduct a star. No I won't, but I am desperate to know... NOW!




I really think that fans of L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries, Jennifer Armentrout ' Lux series, Victoria Scott's Dante Walker series, and other new adult/young adult paranormal romance. Something I think needs to considered in addition to that is that so far this trilogy isn't full of sappy romance. 


This book is said to be for readers 18 years of age and older. There is a sex scene that gets mildly graphic. It's not pornographically graphic or on the same level as a bodice ripping romance, but the acts are explained. There are vulgar words used in this book, but I don't think it was to the point of shocking.


I won this book on Booklikes.