Our new bedtime story. Chapters 1 through 5.

Seaside - Hannah K Shuping, Dawn Devore;Amber Cross;Sara Scott;Kathi Peters;Riley Wylde;Missy Allen;Mary Ann James;June Stevens;Darlene Daniels

This is a chapter book with black and white illustrations. The story is cute, but the first chapter ends with giving readers the assumption that a little boy drowned. Definitely read until at least the end of chapter three if using this aas a bedtime story. 




"The lighthouse? Dead Bone Island? You mean I made it?" asked Bobby with excitement.


"That's one way to put it," he grnted, "Lucky you're not dead."


"You must be Old Man Higgins. I mean Mr. Higgins," said Bobby. He couldn't remember when he'd seen the man in person, but this was the lighthouse, and Higgins was the lighthouse keeper. Then there was the missing arm.


This story was perfect for the cold, drizzly night we had last night.