Such Fun

The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions - Al Seckel

This book was great to share with the family. We sat at the kitchen table and passed it around. My youngest thought it was magic and had so much fun having me explain how certain images work. My daughter will be using this in a presentation for school. There is no doubt in my mind that what she has planned will be graded with an A+.


There isn't many words in this, just a small sentence or two below each illusion that tells you what to graphic is supposed to do. I have had a couple books similar to this one and many of them included illusions that didn't do what they were supposed to. In this one almost every single illusion worked. 


This book is packed full of illusions. I counted over 200. The graphics are large and there is only one per page.




This book is fun. It is a great book for a group of people to pass around. During my daughters' sleepover this weekend, they were well entertained by the book for hours. I am giving my copy a permanent home on my coffee table.