bwahahaha... and lol... and lmao!



My husband is mad and Sargent Peckerhead is here for the weekend. My husband is on a rant and rave fest! Oh man is he letting the kids have. They have been sleeping in the livingroom again, not doing their chores, and the girls have been plain evil. The boy has been sliding into our bed every night. All of their rooms are a mess. They have my livingroom trashed. The dishes need done. I have worked 45 hours this week. One of the girls made a comment about how lazy I am. I worked last night. They had friends over. It is their job to clean up after them or to make sure that the friends clean up after themselves.


He is on a roll. He has embarassed them too. The girls thought they would be cute aand ask why it was a big deal that myles climbs in our bed. Boy did their faces turn red!