Seaside written by Wylde Scott and illustrated by Hannah K. Shuping

Seaside - Hannah K Shuping, Dawn Devore;Amber Cross;Sara Scott;Kathi Peters;Riley Wylde;Missy Allen;Mary Ann James;June Stevens;Darlene Daniels

Description (Goodreads):


Every boy in Seaside wants to be one of Blackbeard's Boys. From the time ten year old Robert Grace O'Malley could hold his very first fishing pole, it was all he thought about. Every captain of every ship had been one, and now he was well on his way. That is, until he meets Walter, the young octopus who will change his life forever. In Seaside, Wylde Scott takes you on an exciting voyage through a fairy-tale fishing village and a pivotal moment in the life of two unexpected friends. An adventurous story perfect for young readers graduating into their first novels or parents reading their little ones to sleep, it's a book that's bound to be a staple in every family's library for years to come. 


My Thoughts:


This is an amazing book. Between the illustrations, the talking animals, and the constant adventure this really grabs a child's undivided attention. I really think this is one of those children's novels that will be a child's favorite, and could possibly become a future classic novel. I could see this becoming the next big animated children's movie.


This is a book about determination, friendship, and family. We have an unlikely friendship between an octopus, Walter, who is trying to save his mother from a fisherman and a boy, Bobby, who one day dreams of being a fisherman. The way the author describes things makes you feel like you have visited the places in this novel and witnessed the events as they occur with your own eyes. 


I know my son made sure to be tucked in bed by nine o'clock. I made a deal with him that I would read one chapter a night if got to bed before nine thirty, or three chapters a night if he was there by nine. 


This is definitely a book that I will reread with my children, and that my son will reread himself. My daughter is reading it now. She is eleven and is enjoying it despite the fact that it is a bit younger than her normal books.




As Bobby walked the very streets he had been on the night before, he was excited by the buzz of townsflok. Jeremiah Wheeler, owner of the bicycle shop, hopped down the street with a shoe in one hand and pulled on his suspender with the other, in such a hurry he had forgotten to ride his own bicycle. Henny Trottstone, a widow with seven boys, hurried the lot of them toward the market square with their arms full of scarves she nitted by hand. Mrs. Pickler are hung her husband's shirts out to dry as Mr. Pickler are loaded barrels of cream onto the back of a cart.


Bobby and his father entered the busy market square and were met with a flurry of sights and sounds. Fish vendors had brought carts with their fresh catches. Mr. Butterburger, the town's short, round butcher, was fighting with his dog over a fresh piece of meat he had just cut for a customer.


"Let go before I feed you to the birds!" He souted.


A man riding one of Mr. Wheeler ' shiny new bicycles whizzed by with a cat on his head. A tall snake - oil salesman wearing bright red tails and a tall red hat barked from the front of his carriage at everyone who passed by... 




IF YOU HAVE KIDS, BUY THIS NOW! I read this as a bedtime story, it was perfect. It would also be great for children graduating to novel length chapter books. I also admit to loving this book, I am in my thirties. I will warn you that in the beginning of the story it would be a good idea to make sure you read far enough in because if you don't a child may be left thinking that a little boy drowned and a little octopus still has hopes of reuniting with his mother. I really think this is an amazing book that would keep almost anybody entertained though out their reading. 



About the Author (Amazon):



Wylde Scott was born on a mountain top, somewhere between the beginning of time and the clock's bell last night. His father was the stars and his mother the wind, they say he began with a mischievous grin.


He was raised by a band of gypsies who taught him to sing and laugh and play and dance and walk and skip on the palm of his hands.


He has lived and traveled all over, all over the world, from Shanghai and Kalamazoo, to Bangkok and Timbuktu, and still has a house on the bright side of the moon.


He is a Sultan and Matador, and Knight through and through, but mostly he loves telling stories to wide eyed, big dreaming, belly giggling children like you.



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