3 free books! merman, actors, pirates, mermaids! FISHY, FISHY!




An alluring merman whose dark blue gaze tempts her like a siren’s call… 


Levi Devlin is a chef and owner of the popular seafood restaurant Poseidon’s Trident. Levi only has one rule for his customers to follow: Don’t waste food. Because Levi will literally throw out anyone who doesn’t follow this rule he’s earned the nickname The Brawler Chef. The last thing on Levi’s mind was falling in love with a human female but when fate causes his path to cross with action heroine Vivien Tempest he’s shark bait. 


A dazzling actress who blinds him like the sun, and is as unreachable… 


Vivien Tempest strives to be acknowledged as a serious actress. Unfortunately, the action heroine has been typecast as a zombie killer. When Director Maverick offers her the chance to play a free-spirited princess in The Little Merman, Vivien knows this is her big chance! Which is why when Vivien discovers Levi’s secret - that he’s a merman - she instantly blackmails him into starring in the movie with her as the merprince. 


And the handsome actor with a sensuous smile who comes between them… 


Dylan Black became an actor in order to gain money, power, and millions of worshipping humans, er, fans at his feet - and he succeeded. However, in order to accomplish his ultimate endgame he needs to find the right woman to fall in love with. When he sees that Levi has set his sights on Vivien, he knows that she must be special and intends to steal her away. But in the end can money really buy love? 









Machete is a hotheaded islander who lives in a place called Cabarete Village. After a botched theft attempt on a merchant ship, Machete decides to become a Sanky Panky instead with the plan to seduce well-to-do, merchant daughters. Machete sets his sights on the sickly yet beautiful daughter of merchant Bartholomew - Lady Blanca. Machete is stumped by the enigma Lady Blanca turns out to be but his seduction is interrupted when pirates attack the village and take Machete's mother hostage.


Machete goes to face Captain Envy, who offers Machete a deal. If Machete can somehow amass the sum of 1,000 pieces-of-eight then Machete can buy back his mother and Cabarete Village’s freedom. Machete convinces a drunkard ex-pirate captain to lend him a ship, seduces a deadly siren witch to get his hands on a map, and sets sail on a quest to find Pirate King Pride’s rumored lost treasure. 


Machete gathers an interesting crew along the voyage to the mysterious Lost Island where the treasure is said to be located - a samurai sushi chef, a mermaid with navigating skills, and an ex-Templar Knight. When Machete ends up accidentally killing Captain Gluttony he makes enemies of the Seven Deadly Pirates who rule the seas and who are also after Pride’s treasure. It’s a race to the Pirate King’s gold and time is running out!













I haven't read these, but I am in the mood for corny and forgot my Dinkle Koob in the car which I locoedmthe keys in. My extra set is in my heater duct. I am so responsible. Really, normally I wouldn't know where the second set is.